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Lingo "Know Your Customer" (KYC) Form


Reducing and eliminating robocalls

As a customer of Lingo’s trunking products, you are required to complete the  Know Your Customer (“KYC”) form (download link above) to ensure Lingo is in compliance with FCC robocall regulations. This form is also required for Lingo to continue to provide “A” Attestation to calls from your Lingo-provided telephone numbers from your trunk groups. In order to continue to maintain “A” Attestation on calls from your Lingo telephone numbers over your trunks, we require you to complete an updated KYC form each year.

An “A” Attestation indicates that Lingo knows the customer that initiated the call, the telephone number is a Lingo provided number, and the customer is authorized to use the Caller ID that the call is being originated from. Completing and returning the form results in an “A” Attestation for outbound calls made by your organization from Lingo provided telephone numbers. A “C” Attestation means that Lingo cannot confirm the caller’s identity. Many carriers that will be receiving your outbound calls have a policy to block all calls that are transmitted with a “C” Attestation. If you do not complete the Know Your Customer form, there is a good chance your outbound calls may not be completed.

Lingo would also like to remind you of your obligations under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) and its restrictions on artificial or prerecorded calls, as well as the Truth-In-Caller ID Act’s rules prohibiting the transmission of misleading or inaccurate caller ID information. These activities are strictly prohibited and are part of the restrictions of your use of Lingo services, which are further detailed in Lingo’s acceptable use policy found online at

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