Lingo Communications (“Lingo”), a leading global Cloud/UC and managed service provider, today announced that it recently implemented its own Cloud Contact Center solution to manage its Customer Care call center. As a result of that implementation, Lingo has improved its Service Level percentage attainment by more than 190%.

There is no better way to demonstrate Lingo’s commitment to its own Cloud Contact Center solution than to use it to manage Customer Care interactions with our own customers. This has been especially true during the COVID-19 pandemic when the ability to be flexible is more important than ever.

“I am extremely excited about Lingo’s significant improvement in Service Level attainment from 30% to 87% in such a short time,” said Grant Williams, VP of Client Services at Lingo. “This kind of improvement can only be achieved this quickly by using Cloud Contact Center tools.”

Lingo successfully transitioned 70 Customer Care Agents to a hybrid in-person and work-at-home model within one single day. When absences increased because of COVID-19, we easily added staff from other departments into the Customer Care queues so they could temporarily assist with call volume. For periods of high call volume, the Call Center also utilizes the callback feature which allows callers to receive a return call from an agent when the call volume normalizes.

Lingo’s Cloud Contact Center solution also allows priority routing of customer calls to better support high-value clients during times of limited resources. In addition, users can easily apply IVR/Auto Attendant announcements during staffing shortages related to the pandemic and/or natural disaster occurrences. For a complete list of all of the Cloud Contact Center solution features, go to:

“I am very excited that today Lingo is managing its Customer Care interactions using its own Cloud Contact Center tools in such a successful manner,” said Vincent M. Oddo, CEO of Lingo. “Regardless of industry or scale, every business can benefit from the feature-rich Lingo Cloud Contact Center solution, which makes building and expanding any business a lot easier and faster.”