Lingo Communications (“Lingo”), a leading global Cloud/UC and managed service provider, today announced that it had achieved record sales bookings and record sales pipeline growth in Q3 2021 and YTD 2021. These results are the best in company history.

Q3 2021 Highlights

  • In Q3 ’21, Lingo achieved an increase in total sales bookings of 100% compared to Q3 ’20.
  • In Q3 ’21, Lingo achieved an increase in Cloud/UC sales bookings of 67% compared to Q3 ’20.
  • In Q3 ’21, Lingo’s four diverse sales channels (Partner Sales, Lead Generation Sales, Carrier Sales and Inside Sales) grew their respective sales pipelines dramatically, resulting in an increase of 32% compared to Q3 ’20.

YTD 2021 Highlights

  • In the YTD 2021 period, Lingo achieved an increase in total sales bookings of 45% compared to the same period in 2020.
  • In the YTD 2021 period, Lingo achieved an increase in Cloud/UC sales bookings of 117% compared to the same period in 2020.

“The increase in Q3 ’21 and YTD 2021 sales bookings reflects the hard work we have put into refining our products, services, and sales resources to enhance our customer experience. In addition, we are especially pleased with the 117% increase in YTD Cloud/UC sales bookings,” said Vincent M. Oddo, CEO of Lingo. “Strong SMB and Carrier customer demand, compelling products and services, enhanced sales channels and the excellent efforts of all Lingo associates all came together to deliver these great results.”

Lingo’s SMB division sales growth included increased sales bookings of Cloud/UC, Managed Services, Broadband Services and Legacy Services. “In Q3 ’21, we added more sales and operational staff to handle the sales volume, and we anticipate adding more sales and back-office resources in Q4 ’21 to support this customer demand,” said Christopher Ramsey, VP Sales and Marketing. “The increase in overall sales bookings and Cloud/UC bookings shows that Lingo is now a leading competitor in the Cloud/UC product segment.”

Lingo’s Carrier division (Impact Telecom) also experienced significant growth from both new customer turn-ups and existing customers in Q3 ’21 and YTD 2021. The increases came from both Domestic and International Carrier customers across all product segments, including CPaaS services. “Both our Partner and Direct sales teams were very successful in adding many large new customers and growing existing customer relationships,” said Pat Reilly, VP of Carrier Services.