Lingo Management, LLC (“Lingo”), a leading global Cloud/UC and Managed Service provider, today announced that it had achieved record sales bookings in Q1 ’22.

Lingo’s Business division achieved an increase in total sales bookings in Q1 ’22 of 41% compared to Q1 ’21. Also, Lingo’s Carrier division achieved an increase in total revenue billed in Q1 ’22 of 29% compared to Q1 ’21. On a combined basis, Lingo’s two primary divisions (Business and Carrier) increased total sales bookings and revenue billed in Q1 ’22 by 30% compared to Q1’21.

Lingo’s five diverse sales channels (Partner Sales, Lead Generation Sales, Direct Sales, Carrier Sales, and Margin Optimization) also grew their respective sales pipelines dramatically over the past several months, which resulted in this significant increase in sales bookings in Q1 ’22.

“The increase of both Q1 ’22 sales bookings and the increase in Cloud/UC, Broadband, SD-WAN, and other Managed Services revenue reflects the arduous work we have put into refining our products, services, and sales resources to enhance our customer experience,” said Vincent M. Oddo, CEO of Lingo. “Because of this significant success in Q1 ’22, we anticipate adding more sales and back-office resources in the remainder of 2022 to support this customer demand.”

The Business division sales growth included Cloud/UC, Broadband, SD-WAN, POTs, POTs Replacement, and other Managed Services. “We are thrilled with the Q1 ’22 results,” said Christopher Ramsey, VP Sales & Marketing. “The overall sales increase was amazing this past quarter and the increase in Cloud/UC sales shows that Lingo has become a strong competitor in the Cloud/UC product segment.”

The Carrier division also experienced huge growth from both new customer turn-ups and existing customers. The increases came from the Domestic and International teams across all product segments. “Both the Partner and Direct sales teams within the Carrier division were successful in adding new customers and growing existing customer relationships,” said Pat Reilly, VP of Carrier Services. “In addition, the pipeline of unsold revenue at the end of Q1 ’22 stood at a record of the total contract value.”