Lingo Communications (“Lingo”) a leading global Cloud/UC and managed service provider, today announced that it recently completed the enhancement of its ICE back-office platform. This upgrade also enables Lingo to implement future enhancements to the customer and sales partner ICE-Portal.

ICE back-office platform is a best-in-class, fully integrated, billing, network management and workforce management platform that has been developed by Lingo (including its predecessor companies) over the past 20 years. It provides vital data and tools that Lingo back-office staff use to efficiently manage the billing, network management and workforce management aspects of our global business. This latest upgrade includes enhancements to the tax, commissions, PCI compliance, credit card/ACH processing and trading partner connectivity functionality.

ICE-Portal is a best-in-class web-portal that provides Lingo business customers and sales partners with a single pane of glass through which they can monitor, manage, and analyze virtually every aspect of their services and activities in real-time.

“Because we’re constantly enhancing our ICE back-office platform, our customers and sales partners have the peace of mind they need to focus on their business,” said Vincent M. Oddo, CEO of Lingo. “Our value-added approach to everything we do is evident by our relentless innovation and industry-leading services.”

“Our internal cutting-edge software development capabilities complement our large North American Cloud/UC, Long Distance and Fiber networks, so our staff, business customers and sales partners have a full suite of management and analytical tools right at their fingertips,” said Joseph Haines, VP Operations and Engineering at Lingo.