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Lingo Voice for Teams

Turn your Microsoft Teams into a modern cloud phone system with the trusted reliability, savings and support from Lingo – without paying for Teams Phone System licenses

Unlimited US Domestic Calling Starts at $10/user/mo

You can bring your phone system inside of Microsoft Teams with a Microsoft Teams Phone license or without one (which will save you $8/mo/user).

We recommend the option that saves you $8/mo and gives you a much better phone system. But we'll let you decide.

The best of Lingo, now in Teams. License-free.

Lingo Voice for Teams brings a cost-effective, advanced phone system to Microsoft Teams. Its an embedded app in your familiar Teams user experience. And best of all it doesn’t require a Microsoft Teams Phone license which typically adds $8 /user/mo, 

What does license-free mean?

It means you’re bringing in the Lingo cloud phone system right into Teams instead of using the Microsoft Teams phone system. No Teams phone licenses to hassle with, and no additional costs. You get more advanced calling capabilities to connect to the people that matter most.    

Unleash the power of Unified Communications with everything in one place.

Lingo Voice for Teams eliminates the need to switch back and forth between communications apps. Your contacts, meetings, messaging, calls and collaboration tools are all in your familiar Teams experience.  

The Microsoft Teams Phone System uses Lingo Voice for Teams to make and receive calls.

Lingo Voice for Teams allows Microsoft Teams users to make and receive voice calls outside of your company’s Teams application. Lingo connects the Teams Phone System to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). In order to use the Microsoft Teams Phone System you have to purchase a phone license which typically costs $8/m0/user. 

Lingo Voice for Teams works in the background providing reliable, cost-effective phone service and calling plans designed around the needs of your business. Lingo connects to the Microsoft Teams Phone System via Direct Routing

What is Direct Routing?

Direct Routing is a way to provide a PSTN (public switched telephone network) connection to Microsoft Teams users so that they can make and receive external phone calls on any device using Teams. Direct Routing is a feature in Microsoft Teams that enables Lingo to connect to a Session Border Controller (SBC) that in turn connects to the Teams service.

You can find a more detailed discussion on the importance of Direct Routing and how it works here.

The Microsoft Teams Phone System provides traditional call and call routing features

The Microsoft Phone System provides traditional phone system and PBX features like caller ID, extension dialing, call forwarding, auto-attendant and call queues (also known as “hunt” or “ing” groups). However, it doesn’t provide essential  features like advanced IVR, call parking, business SMS, call recording and more. 

The benefits of using Lingo Voice for Microsoft Teams

Reduced Costs,
More Features

Lingo offers a more affordable calling plan with more features designed to fit the way you do business.

Simplified Implementation
& Admin

Lingo’s automated scripting dramatically simplifies the complex and time-consuming implementation of voice for MS Teams..

Better Support

Lingo has earned industry-leading customer satisfaction scores from decades of service to businesses.

Make calls and collaborate with people outside of your team.

Maximize collaboration making calls and connecting with external contacts.

Services from an Experienced Phone Company

Microsoft offers one calling plan and limited features. You can trust Lingo to support the unique and often complex calling needs of your business.

The Lingo Customer Experience scores signficantly above average

Easy Setup and Configuration

Simple, Automated Implementation & Administration

85% of Enterprises Will Choose a Third Party Calling Plan

MS Teams for PSTN lines

Lingo can better meet the calling requirements of your business

Learn more about how Lingo Voice for Teams can boost your team's performance.

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