Broadband Solutions for Business

up to 24Mbps

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with Dynamic IP Address


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The Lingo Digital Network

Lingo is a leading technology service provider of IP-based communications, with an industry-leading digital network offering all customers a reliable and secure connection into the Internet.

Download 3.0 Mbps 6.0 Mbps 12.0 Mbps 18.0 Mbps 24.0 Mbps
Upload 512 Kbps 768 Kbps 1.0 Mbps 1.5 Mbps 3.0 Mbps

Not all Internet speeds may be available. Speed availability is dependent upon state and address qualification. Upload and download speeds will vary. Maximum speeds are listed.

DSL technologies we use are asymmetric (or asynchronous), meaning that content is downloaded at a different rate than it is uploaded. For example, speeds start at up to 3.0 Megabits Per Second download speed and uploads at up to 512 Kilobits Per Second.



Prioritize voice traffic and get better network insight with SimpleWan!

SimpleWan is a diagnostic tool available with LingoConnect Hosted PBX that monitors and reports network activity, enables better network management, improves call quality, and reduces network congestion in the context of your voice service!

SimpleWan includes a monitoring portal and alarm triggers that track network activity and notify you of any problems! Both secure and effective, SimpleWan offers enhanced network management for optimized voice quality of service and reliability!

SimpleWan reserves a set amount of bandwidth for placed and incoming calls to prevent other devices from disrupting call quality.

SimpleWan monitors network activity to reduce congestion and to ensure high-quality traffic shaping.

SimpleWan categorizes and diagnoses network activity for better network management and insight.