Blaze Broadband

Lingo Blaze is our leading Broadband internet access product designed for business, providing unrelenting internet access speeds for all your critical business communications needs.

Blazing fast internet speeds Up to 400Mbps with no caps on Data Usage. The underlying fiber-rich network is always being upgraded to give your business the advantage, as internet access needs, cloud applications and other data demands continue to grow in your business.

With exceptional High Up Speeds suitable for the growing office using our Cloud UC service and other Cloud applications, Blaze Broadband is all provided and supported by Lingo Communications, your single provider for all your business communications needs: Voice, Cloud and Broadband.

Why not have all your business-critical services provided and supported by Lingo alongside your Blaze Broadband, including our amazing Cloud UC phone service, Lingo Unwired Mobile Phone Lines and emergency copper Phone and Fax/Alarm Lines too for added security.

All our products are supported by our certified best-in-class top 10% customer care service in the US, devoted to supplying all the communications needs of small and medium businesses.

As well as a great product, we try to help with your cashflow too….

No Hidden Charges

Lingo does not ‘nickel and dime’ you like most of our competitors do with charges for modems and massive additional charges in the form of fees or extra added surcharges that makes your circuit charge look like a minor part of your full invoice!

No Install Charge Option

Unlike our competitors, we prefer to just charge you monthly, so we don’t charge you hundreds of upfront dollars.

Traditional BroadbandLingo Blaze
Download3 -24 Mbps75 Mbps100 Mbps200 Mbps300 Mbps400 Mbps
Upload3 Mbps15 Mbps10 Mbps10 Mbps25 Mbps20 Mbps

All speeds listed are "Up to" speeds.  Both Down Speed and Up Speed capabilities will vary and are not guaranteed, as speeds depend upon available technologies in the specific geographic location and current network conditions. The product description in your invoice will state the Up to Down Speed and Up Speeds we are aiming to provide.

Hosted PBX Phones usually only need about 1/10 of a Mbps of internet bandwidth Up and Down speed for regular audio calls.