Product Marketing

Lingo Voice for Teams

Promo offer likely needed to generate leads

  • Open rates (21 – 29%), CTRs (3 – 10%) and Open-to-CTRs (9 – 35%) are at acceptable to above average levels.
    We should be generating some level of leads even with low prospect inventory.
  • However, visitors are arriving at the landing page and not calling or submitting a form.
  • There are three potential issues: this is a LP design issue, or an incentive is needed, or the prospects are not qualified.
  • Three different LP designs have been tested and none have resulted in any leads
  • Next steps: testing a promotional, and driving fundamentally diferent prospects to the LP.

Increase intensity of our outreach to current Partners, and assess overall interest

  • We are not seeing even low-to-medium reactive interest in Teams integration
  • Given the product mix history of our Partner base, we may have a large gap in IT-Microsoft 365 centric partners
  • Next steps: make a call on whether our current channel partners can seel Teams, and if not, recruit partners who can

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