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How it Works

How Lingo Works

Lingo provides phone service over the Internet using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), so you get:

  • Clear, reliable calls through your broadband connection - for less than traditional providers.
  • Call any friend or family - all
    they need is a phone.
  • Convenience - your computer doesn't need to be on to use Lingo.

Setting Up Lingo Is Easy

In just few simple steps, you'll be making and receiving calls:

  • Lingo adaptor – Connect the adaptor to your high-speed Internet and connect your phone to the adaptor.

That's it, and you're on your way to making and receiving calls!

Lingo Fits Your Life

Lingo uses the Web to provide you superior phone service, but it does not affect how you use your phone or Internet.

  • Browse the web, stream music, send emails - Lingo does not change anything you do online.
  • Use your phone as usual - Pick it up, dial and connect with your important circle.
Keep your Existing Number

Keep your Existing Number

It's easy to transfer your phone number to Lingo. Enter yours to confirm.

Lingo on your Mobile

Lingo on your Mobile

Unlimited* calls from your cell phone
A revolutionary calling plan for your mobile phone!

Try Lingo Mobile - 1st Month FREE

*Limited time offer available to new customers only. First month free promotional offer is given at time of signup (all other applicable fees and taxes apply, with the specific amounts depending on the state in which the customer lives). See Lingo’s terms and conditions for details. Customer must have an existing Internet service. Unlimited calling is subject to normal residential usage for residential plans. Calls to mobile, premium, and special service numbers may not be included.