How Consumer VoIP can Improve Your Home Phone

LingoConnect is a new generation Voice over IP home phone replacement and app-based voice service offering industry-leading features, reliability and quality. The service can be used from any traditional home phone when connected to the LingoConnect VoxBox or from an easy-to-use smartphone and tablet app.

Our Lingo World Max™  and One Choice™ plans and other industry-leading calling plans start from $4.99, with options for unlimited domestic and international calling.

VoIP isn’t just for business purposes. Homeowners can also ask our residential VoIP providers about our solutions and start saving on their monthly phone bills.

Residential VoIP phone systems work like their commercial counterparts: you use the Internet to make local, international, or long distance calls without worrying about low-quality or expensive calls. All you need is a simple analog telephone adapter to connect to your Internet and old phone to make a call.

The Better Alternative to Traditional Phones

With a consumer VoIP plan, you won’t need the hardware and wires that come with analog phones.

VoIP is pretty simple to use and set up. Make calls from any telephone or computer connected to the Internet with a broadband connection. Call friends and loved ones using your PC or phone at a fraction of the usual phone company costs.

Regardless of your location, switching to VoIP also guarantees more significant savings. With traditional analog phone services, you need to pay tax, service fees, and other hidden costs. With consumer VoIP, you cut your monthly phone bill in half. Plus, there are many discount deals available for consumer services.

Don’t settle for standard telephone lines. Experience better calls at more affordable rates by making the switch to VoIP.

What Is Residential VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a phone service that uses your home’s Internet connection to make and receive calls. Instead of using traditional wires associated with analog phones, VoIP phones convert your voice into data packets and send those data packets over the Internet.

Residential VoIP uses your existing phone to route calls. As mentioned, service providers use an analog adapter to connect VoIP phone systems for home use to the router.

One of the biggest pros of residential VoIP systems is its ease of use. Unlike traditional phones and their tangle of wires, VoIP is a plug-and-play system that providers can easily set up in minutes. Also, residential VoIP providers offer support through chat, phone, and online FAQs (just like this one!).

What Equipment Do I Need for VoIP?

Residential VoIP phone systems only need a VoIP-capable phone and a secure Internet connection to work. Also, you need to ensure that your Internet speed meets the requirements of your VoIP phone systems.

The standard pieces of equipment needed for VoIP are the following:

  • IP Phone – A phone you can directly plug into the Internet to make a call
  • An ATA – Enables the VoIP to work perfectly with your current phone
  • Softphone – A service provider-supplied software that routes calls

Additionally, some providers offer a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or free equipment option.

How Do I Know If My Internet Can Support My VoIP Phone Systems?

A strong Internet connection is essential to making your VoIP phone system work. Poor broadband connections result in low-quality calls. A bad connection makes your call susceptible to packet loss, jitter, and bad voice quality. It’s vital that you check out your Internet speed ahead of time. Determine your connection’s capabilities by running a speed test.

Typical broadband speeds show 5Mbps for the download stream and 600Kbps for the upload stream. The latter determines if you can make VoIP phone calls.

How Expensive Are Long Distance Calls with VoIP Systems?

Regular long distance calls move data across different telephone networks. Providers use a local switch to access a database that determines which long distance carrier will route your calls.

In the case of VoIP calls, the system uses your broadband connection, the VoIP provider’s network, and routing equipment to connect calls. It cuts out the costly middlemen involved in traditional landline systems, which makes residential VoIP systems a money saver on long distance calling.

How Much Do I Pay for My Residential Phone Service?

Once you’ve determined your current Internet connection speed, find out how much you need to pay monthly for your existing phone service. Knowing this offers a good basis of comparison when you’re considering making the switch to residential VoIP systems.

Ask yourself the following questions regarding your current plan:

  • How much do I pay for the service monthly?
  • What’s included in my monthly service?
  • What features does my provider offer?
  • How much does my provider charge for international and long distance calls?

 Lingo Communications is a leading cloud-based communication and managed networks service provider serving more than 225,000 small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), consumers, and carriers. Since our establishment, we have been providing differentiated value by delivering end-to-end residential VoIP plans to SMBs and carriers at competitive rates.

A Personal Touch

We are a company that listens. Our team customizes your residential VoIP phone system plans according to your requirements. We also supply first-class services to our clients at affordable rates. From start to finish, we aim to provide you with a seamless VoIP experience.

Get the Support You Need

Our support center is always available to attend to your general and technical needs. Trust our skilled staff to walk you through the VoIP process, as well as offer advice if necessary. Our services ensure that you get the most efficient plans, and peace of mind knowing that your phone systems are in top condition.



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