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1500 Minutes Free Long Distance Per Line


Lots of Great Features at an Affordable Price

Reliable Service

Dependable Voice Services You Can Rely On 


Call Hunting & Local Toll Calls are FREE

Add-On Services


Lingo's easy-to-use phone interface gives you maximum flexibility to manage your messages and customize personal greetings and mailbox extensions.

Add-On Services

Inside Wire Protection

Prevent inside wiring problems before they happen. A simple wiring problem could adversely affect your bottom line. With Lingo’s Inside Wire Protection, the diagnosis and repair of inside wiring and jacks is performed as a part of this add-on service versus the hourly expense of a technician.

Inside Wire Protection

Home Phone Plans

 Prices May Vary By Location

Home Essentials Home Basic Home Value
All the features and domestic long distance . Everything you'd expect with a standard phone line. Just the line with no frills.
Lines Starting at $39.95 per month $35.95 per month $33.95 per month
Long Distance Calling 1500 Minutes $ $
Unlimited Local Calling
Unlimited Local Toll Calling
Call Hunting
Deluxe Caller ID
Deluxe Call Waiting
3-way Calling
Call Return
Repeat Dialing
Call Tracing
Deluxe Call Forwarding
Preferred Call Forwarding
Speed Calling 30
Call Blocking
Call Selector
Distinctive Ring
Voicemail $ $ $
Inside Wire Protection $ $ $

= Feature included in plan.
$ = Feature available for an additional charge.