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Get a friend to sign-up for Lingo and receive a $50 American Express cash card from Lingo!
There's no limit as to how many people you can refer. Remember, all calls between Lingo members are absolutely FREE. So, get your friends and family talking and save big.

Hurry! Tell friends and family about Lingo now!

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Subject : Your Friend Recommends Lingo Digital Phone Service

I thought you might be interested in a new and exciting digital phone service called Lingo. I am already saving up to 50% off my phone bill with Lingo and so can you! It is the perfect phone service for your home or small Business!

Here's the top 5 reasons for signing up for Lingo
* Plans start at only $9.95/mo.
* Get UNLIMITED local, long distance, and international calls to over 45 countries on select   plans
* Get FREE 20+ great calling features (voicemail, caller ID w/name, call waiting, and more)
* Get FREE state-of-the-art Linksys phone adaptor
* PLUS, keep your phone and number

If the top 5 reasons aren't enough, here's another one that will certainly get you to join! Lingo is an award-winning service rated by WIRED Test Magazine.** It outscored Vonage, Comcast, and Verizon!

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Lingo does not support spamming or complaints received due to improper use of this program and may result in the forfeit of the special offer benefits accrued by you.
For details about Lingo's Refer-A-Friend Program, see section III G. of Terms & Conditions.

The Lingo Refer-A-Friend Program is intended for use by Lingo phone service customers to introduce their family and friends to the Lingo service. By referring individuals, you agree to the following conditions. $50 American Express® cash card can be used virtually anywhere that welcomes American Express® Cards. Card valid for 6 months; unused points will be forfeited the first day after the valid thru date, subject to applicable law. Usage restrictions and guidelines apply. Card cannot be redeemed for cash and is not transferable. The card is point based with 1 point = $1 in purchasing power. Other card terms and conditions apply; visit for details. The card is issued by American Express Incentive Services, LLC. The card is not for use at taxicabs, water taxis or limousine services.
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