Trust Lingo Communications for Proven Call Center Software Solutions

Any business (even the smallest ones) want to provide customers with a unique and personal experience. This experience usually begins with superb customer service.

Answering every call plays a role in creating quality customer service, but what if you don’t have enough manpower to do so? Small businesses with this concern turn to cloud-based contact center solution providers like Lingo Communications for help.

The Tools Your Employees Need, The Experience Your Customers Want

Exceptional customer service does not happen overnight. Lingo empowers your customer service with cloud-based call center phone systems that help your team work smarter and move faster. By equipping your call center with unified insights and tools to win interaction across the customer’s journey, we help you become your customer’s top choice.

Our cloud-based call center solutions give your employees the necessary tools to be more productive and meet performance metrics. We integrate the latest digital tools and technologies with your existing systems to improve customer-brand communications. Our flexible and reliable cloud-based solutions handle outbound, inbound, and blended interactions smoothly, which wow your customers with smooth and personalized service.

Must-Have Features for Better Customer Service

When all of your call center agents are busy, Lingo Communications’ software will automatically route calls to the intelligent call center queue. The queue allows you to choose which calls to answer first based on the request urgency, their value, or your business’ customized rules. Real-time statistics allow you to make better decisions when answering calls from the queue, which enables a quick response time for your customers.

It’s all about improving the waiting experience for the callers. Our software simplifies queuing with helpful features such as call transfer, which allows agents to reassign calls seamlessly to another queue.

Make sure customers match with the right agent with Lingo’s skill-based routing. Assign your agents to any number in the queue and our advanced routing will make sure to assign customers to the agent who can best assist them.

How is your staff doing? How are their calls? Are your customers satisfied with your services?

Lingo Communications answers these questions with our cloud-based contact center solutions.

Gain a comprehensive view of agent quality by evaluating customer interaction from the perspective of the agent and automated analytics. Our software also enables you to calibrate quality scores to ensure perceived fairness and consistency. Integrate performance management tools for full coaching workflows and fair agent scorecards.

Other features include:

  • Calibration. Promote fairness in the QA process by removing actual or perceived bias across evaluators.
  • Quality process automation. Switch from any manual sampling of less than 1 percent of calls with an automated sampling of 100 percent.
  • Graphic interface. Give information that agents will appreciate. Our simple, web-based graphic user interface offers a visual representation of your progress.

Call center reporting and analytics enable you to actively monitor and evaluate the performance of your agents and call center campaigns. Lingo’s call center software provides immediate access to different reports that track your activity.

You may view the real-time campaign summary to see live statistics. Our software has server-specific and campaign-specific reports, which are available to you at a moment’s notice. Each report displays information on the following:

  • Number of agents on calls
  • Number of agents currently paused in the campaign
  • Number of agents waiting for calls
  • Number of answered and dropped calls in the current campaign
  • Drop percentage and current time
  • Dial level
  • Order of leads which agents must dial

Streamline conversations by integrating real-time communications (e.g., voice calls and messages) with non- real time communications (e.g., email and voicemail). Our software simplifies communication processes to improve productivity and enable employees to work from any location.

Deploy your UC call recording easily on any mobile device to record calls anytime, anywhere. Use our software to capture communications directly from the network so that you can study the calls and use gathered insight to improve on them.

Take Advantage of a Productive Business Tool

Do you want better customer service management? Tap into the useful resources of Lingo Communications’ cloud-based call center software. Route your calls based on the category of the service or product and the customer’s location to make sure the best agent handles it. Let our software enable your agents to exchange, collect, and access data instantaneously to provide a smooth transition among agents, thus reducing the client’s waiting time.

More businesses are migrating their operations to the cloud. You should, too. Instead of settling for complex, old-fashioned call center systems, enhance your services by going to the cloud.

Get in touch with Lingo Communications today to learn more about our services. Our staff would be more than eager to walk you through the process.