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Better Business Starts with Having Better VoIP Solutions for SMBs

VoIP Phone Solution

Lingo's Impact Connect product line is a new generation Voice over IP office phone replacement and app-based voice service offering industry-leading features, reliability and quality. The service can be used from any traditional desk or wall phone when connected to the Impact Connect VoxBox or from an easy to use smartphone and tablet app.

Our VoIP phone system solutions for SMBs require no expensive on-site hardware installation or wiring. No need to worry about the additional setup costs when you want to expand communications.

Plans start at just $4.99/month and options for unlimited domestic and international calling are available.

Cloud-based Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a communication platform that places your call using your Internet connection. Since this virtual phone system is Internet-based, you can make calls from any smartphone, laptop, or device. Cloud VoIP systems offer flexibility, mobility, and robust features that handle all aspects of business communication. It uses codecs to condense audio into data packets and transmit them across an IP network. Once it reaches the end of the connection, the codecs un-encapsulates the packets back into the audio.

Compared with a traditional phone system, VoIP systems do not require any complex cables or costly hardware devices to run. All you need is a reliable Internet connection and a laptop (or any other preferred device).

What makes VoIP services ideal for small businesses?

This cloud-based solution comes with functionalities that several small businesses overlook. Its features are so robust that it enables startups and SMBs to overcome big communication hurdles with a centralized and affordable phone system.

Certain elements of cloud-based VoIP make it scalable, flexible, and efficient. Consider the following features:

  • Virtual extensions. Multiple extensions allow you to establish message extensions or route more calls to people. While virtual extensions do not have physical phones connected to them, they do take calls (e.g., pre-recorded messages for callers in case the receiver is unavailable).
  • Call screening. No need to put up with the limited call screening options of analog phones. VoIP technology allows users to control the numbers that can reach their phones, as well as when these people can call.
  • Call analytics. Gain insight from your calls to improve business communication and productivity. Since VoIP integrates with software and operates over a data network, it provides detailed reports regarding call costs, frequency, destinations, quality, and other factors.
  • Find me/follow me. Add a list of numbers that you can use to reach people when someone is calling. VoIP allows all of these numbers to ring simultaneously so you can contact the user, regardless of the device they're using and their location.

Since the introduction of VoIP phones, many businesses have switched from traditional analog telephones to this advanced and better form of communication. In 2015, more than one-third of businesses used cloud-based VoIP phone systems. The numbers continued to grow as more business owners realized the power of Internet-based communication.

VoIP uses advanced codecs to improve the quality of business communication, which makes it a better alternative to landline networks.

So why should your business invest in this communication innovation?

Affordable Software and Hardware

If you’re hesitant about using VoIP because you’re worried about the cost of the equipment, don’t worry. Most of the VoIP functions require minor to no installation and can run using existing software and hardware. In terms of hardware, businesses that switch to VoIP through a computer use working sound cards, microphones, headsets, and speakers.

VoIP phones are a cost-effective communication solution that can drastically improve communication between you and your employee.

More Calls at the Same Time

Traditional analog phones allow you to talk to only one person at a time. VoIP phones, on the other hand, support multiple calls at the same time. These calls include group calls and conference calls, which are essential to businesses that are trying to communicate with more clients and partners. Multiple calls also make it easier for employees, management, and business partners to collaborate.

The VoIP system helps your clients connect with customer support faster. It allows the customer support team to handle and resolve concerns as soon as possible, improving your business relationship with them.

More Features Compared to Traditional Systems

Small businesses can enjoy more features with the VoIP system, which includes the following:

  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting
  • Call blocking
  • Voicemail
  • Fax

There is more to VoIP service for small businesses than just making and receiving calls. Modern systems incorporate other communication services like teleconferencing, instant messaging, video conferencing, and presence information to streamline communication.

This advanced phone system’s multiple features enable you to keep in touch with your employees to communicate whenever and wherever. They don’t have to be at the office to report. They can communicate with you while they are at home or abroad.


VoIP systems still allow you to use your conventional phone with a VoIP telephone adapter. Use the converter to convert traditional phone signals into digital data.

When you use VoIP, you acquire your own VoIP number. No matter where you are traveling to, as long as you have Internet connectivity and a laptop or a phone, you can receive calls to your number.

Security Is Not A Problem

Compared to standard analog phones, VoIP phones offer better security. It protects your data and calls with standardized encryption protocols — something regular telephone connections lack.

Save More Money

VoIP is more cost-effective than analog phones. It cuts down costs for international and domestic calls, which means clients and partners can call you at a local rate instead of the more expensive international rates. Also, you don’t have to maintain separate networks for voice and data calling.