Why should your business invest in a cloud-based phone system? Well, we have laid out some pretty enticing reasons below.

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How a Cloud-Based Phone System Works

A cloud-based phone service uses the internet to transfer voice signals between IPs. It removes the use of on-premise hardware, cutting down on the maintenance costs of a traditional telephone line system.

The steps that make this happen:

  1. Voice signals transform into tiny pieces of data for transmission through voice pockets.
  2. The voice pockets travel through the internet to the sender’s VoIP provider.
  3. The VoIP provider routes the call through cloud-based Private Branch Exchange.
  4. The pockets convert back to voice signals upon reaching the receiver’s VoIP phone.
  5. All of this cloud-based communication is possible because of the internet and internet protocol.

Reasons to Invest in a Cloud-Based Phone System


There’s nothing worse than dropping a customer due to a poor phone connection. When all aspects of your system are handled with a cloud-based phone system, you can be sure that your company is ready to enjoy improved call-quality and reliability at all times. Enjoy less stress on your teams, knock out miscommunication, and have fewer distractions from other areas of your business.

Technology improvements have made it easier for businesses to communicate with customers and partners at a lower cost with greater scalability and flexibility and many have already made the switch to cloud-based phone systems.

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