With many businesses still functioning remotely, it’s important for everyone within those companies to continue to build relationships with their colleagues. So if you’re looking for some fun things to do with your staff and that promote camaraderie through team-building, we have put together a list of five awesome and free activities.

Table of Contents:

  1. Learn Someone’s Life Story In Five Minutes
  2. The Perfect Vacation
  3. Aliens Have Landed
  4. Scavenger Hunt at Home
  5. Virtual Article Club
  6. Practice what they’ve learned with a publishing project

Note: For these activities to be effective, it is vital that you have a business phone service for your remote workers that allows for clear conference calls and reliable one-on-one communication. Now, internal communication for team building is important but having a phone system in place that will ensure your employees don’t miss important calls from clients and vendors or drop calls in the middle of a sale or service call is critical to your business’ health.

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1. Learn Someone’s Life Story In Five Minutes


This activity is one that can be very helpful in building listening skills – something that some might have difficulty with. It can also help teams learn about each others’ lives and unique interests. In order to play, pair everyone up into sets of two and have them tell each other their life story in 5 minutes over a private call.

After, set a group meeting for everyone to join after the time is up, with each sharing the other’s life story with the group. Not only do partners get to learn more about each other, but the entire team will know more about one another!

2. The Perfect Vacation

This is another great activity to help develop your team’s listening skills and your team will love thinking about what their perfect vacation would look like if they had unlimited time and money.

First, you’ll want to schedule a conference call with everyone on the team and let them know that they will need to tell the group about their perfect vacation. Keep a list of each vacation choice. After everyone shares their dream vacation, have your team vote on the best one.

This activity might seem bittersweet in current times, but it will also help take your staff’s mind off of everything going on in the world for a little bit!

3. Aliens Have Landed

Getting those creative gears turning during this time is important. Although working at home might be ideal for some, it can quickly cause burnout for others. This game promotes creative problem-solving, but it also involves a bit of imagination too.

First, start by dividing your team into smaller groups of three or four and have them set up a conference call with their group and give them the scenario.

The scenario is that aliens have landed on Earth, but they can’t speak a word of English and your team must pick five symbols or pictures that best describe the company.

Have each team send in the images that they chose and see if you can find any common themes or symbols within what your workforce has used. It helps you to understand how they feel but, more importantly, about how they view your company culture.

You can then send an email showing the symbols that each team chose or schedule a conference call to discuss what everyone came up with!

4. Scavenger Hunt at Home

Scavenger hunts are a fun game that many of us played as kids. Your team will enjoy a bit of childhood nostalgia while at home. Set a challenge to find certain items around the home and award points to those who get back to their desk the fastest with as many items as possible.

You can take this a step further and have one person try to describe the scavenger hunt item that their partner has to retrieve and have them time themselves. This can help bond team members who might not necessarily work together that often.

5. Virtual Article Club


A virtual article club is a great way of giving your team something that facilitates great group discussion. This is just like a virtual book club but is less of a time commitment and everyone gets to share an article that they found interesting with others.

Have one person share an article a week with the team and then schedule time during a conference call to discuss the article. Your team can definitely share industry-specific pieces, but sometimes it is fun to switch things up so let them share whatever article they want (within reason).

Sharing longer, more in-depth articles makes for better discussion within the group, but try not to put too many restrictions on this activity.

Even though most of your staff might be working remotely, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of some team-building activities and reap the benefits of having a more cohesive staff.

Team building helps keep spirits up and will help with the transition of going back to work when the time comes. Make time for an activity where during the working week to help break up the week when working from home!

Remember, you want your team to be able to communicate effectively when they have internal conference calls and external meetings. To achieve this, you will want to make sure that your communication technology is top-notch.

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