Successful integration and migration of Cloud/UC network and voice mail.

ATLANTA, November 5, 2019 – Lingo Communications, LLC. (“Lingo”), a leading global Cloud/UC communications and managed service provider dedicated to serving the SMB, Carrier and Consumer markets, announced today that it is has succeeded in consolidating its multiple Cloud/UC networks into its Netsapiens Cloud/UC platform. In addition, Lingo successfully consolidated its multiple voice mail platforms into its Lingo Voice Mail platform.

Lingo established a Cloud/UC network consolidation and customer migration strategy earlier this year and recently completed this project. This project achieved the following financial and operational benefits:

  • Network consolidation started in May 2019 and was completed in July 2019
  • Network co-location decommission completed on June 30, 2019.
  • Customer migrations started in May 2019 and were completed in June 2019.
  • Nearly 7,000 accounts successfully migrated within minimal customer downtime:
    • Savings achieved on the reduction of Cloud/UC license cost.
    • ​Savings achieved on LD cost by moving customers to the private Lingo network.
    • ​​Savings achieved on Toll-free by moving traffic to the private Lingo network.
  • Calling Cards savings achieved by migrating to the Lingo Calling Card platform.

More importantly, from a strategic perspective, Lingo staff created a formal Cloud/UC customer “migration process,” which enabled it to swiftly and successfully integrate all Cloud/UC customers onto one platform with minimal customer disruption. Lingo plans to use this same customer “migration process” when migrating future Cloud/UC customer acquisitions into the Netsapiens platform.

In addition, Lingo established a Voice Mail network consolidation and migration strategy in August 2019 and recently completed this project. Benefits achieved:

  • Customer migrations started in Oct. 2019 and were completed in early Nov 2019.
  • More than 4,000 customer voice mail mailboxes were migrated.
  • Monthly recurring network cost savings achieved is $20,000 per month.
  • Customers gain online management of messages and message delivery.

Chuck Griffin, Lingo’s President and CEO said, “Our swift and effective work to integrate and synergize the various network components acquired during our recent acquisitions has been nothing short of exceptional. Lingo staff and customers are at the forefront of everything we do here at Lingo, and this integration and migration work will pay dividends for many years to come.”

“We are thrilled with the result of the network integration and customer migration activities that we recently completed. We are now on track to exceed the initial annual synergy cost savings estimates of $8.7 million that we established back in January 2019, and we could not be more excited,” said Grant Williams, VP of Client Services for Lingo. “With an integrated business, best-of-breed IP-Network that spans North America and an ever-expanding product set, it is easy to understand why customers are choosing Lingo.”​


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Lingo is a leading global Cloud/UC communications and managed service provider to the SMB, Carrier and Consumer markets. Lingo provides modern, efficient, IP-based voice, data, managed services and network services to customers around the globe. Lingo owns both a nationwide IP-based Cloud/UC communications network as well as an expansive North American FG-D network serving many of the largest global Carrier customers. Lingo is proud to provide exceptional 24/7/365 customer care. For additional information, please visit

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