Strong customer demand prompts the upgrade of networks and technology platforms.

ATLANTA, July 31, 2019 – Lingo Communications, LLC. (“Lingo”), a leading global Cloud/UC communications and managed service provider dedicated to serving the SMB, Carrier and Consumer markets, announced today that it has upgraded its network and technology platforms in response to customer and sales demand.

Lingo established its full-year 2019 annual synergy goal of $8.7 million following the Impact Telecom and Fusion Connect acquisitions in early 2019.  Once that goal was established, the combined company acted swiftly to begin to integrate all aspects of the business into one seamless enterprise.

These integration efforts are paying off and Lingo now expects to exceed the 2019 synergy goal of $8.7 million based on the results through June 30, 2019.


  • Sansay™ Class4 Switch Upgrades – Lingo, in response to customer and volume demand, expanded its existing geo-redundant Sansay switch network facilities. This upgrade adds 40% more volume capacity to absorb current and anticipated customer and voice minute growth. Andy Voss, CEO of Sansay said, “Most carriers wait until there are capacity issues effecting their customers before making upgrades. It is encouraging to see Lingo being proactive in their network capacity initiatives.”
  • Netsapiens™ Cloud/UC Upgrade – Lingo, in response to customer and volume demand, upgraded its existing geo-redundant Netsapiens Cloud/UC network facilities in order to accommodate up to 80,000 additional subscribers. In addition to the increased capacity, Lingo remains at the front edge of code revisions and feature testing to best serve the cloud SMB market.
  • Polycom – Lingo, in response to customer demand, expanded its support for additional edge products from Polycom and other manufacturers as we seek to enhance the migration of more customers from legacy communications products to Cloud/UC or wireless products.
  • PepLink™ QoS – Lingo, in response to customer demand, has partnered with GlobalGig to provide edge-based QoS services for cloud deployments via the PepLink device. This allows for optimization of voice services for the cloud SMB market, and provides opportunity for further features and growth, such as SDWAN and enhanced local network management.

Chuck Griffin, Lingo’s President and CEO said, “We are thrilled with these network investments and the result has been record sales bookings in Q3 ’19. Lingo customers are at the forefront of everything we do, and our recent product launches are an example of how closely our solutions now align with the needs of the marketplace.”

“Our recent network and technology investments reflect the hard work we have put into listening to our customers and our sales channels to enhance our customer experience.,” said Tim Carmel, VP Network Operations and Engineering of Lingo. “With a best-of-breed IP-Network that spans North America and an ever-expanding product set, it is easy to understand why customers are choosing Lingo.”


About Lingo

Lingo is a leading global Cloud/UC communications and managed service provider to the SMB, Carrier and Consumer markets. Lingo provides modern, efficient, IP-based voice, data, managed services and network services to customers around the globe. Lingo owns both a nationwide IP-based Cloud/UC communications network as well as an expansive North American FG-D network serving many of the largest global Carrier customers. Lingo is proud to provide exceptional 24/7/365 customer care. For additional information, please visit

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