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Local Phone Number Portability

Keep Your Existing Phone Number

Changing your phone service to Lingo VoIP phone service is easy, even better since you can keep your existing phone number. To do this, simply sign up and select the option to keep your existing phone number. Right after you place your order you can give Lingo authorization to transfer your phone number - you do it all online in just a couple of minutes. If you'd like to try out Lingo's VoIP phone service first, no problem. You can always transfer your phone number later.

Transferring your phone number will take approximately 15-20 business days once you start the transfer process. When you sign up we give you a Lingo phone number in the area of your choice so that you can immediately take advantage of the Lingo VoIP service and all its great features. (Here's a hint: You can forward your existing number to your Lingo phone number or you can start racking up savings by using Lingo for all your outgoing phone calls.) Once your phone number is ready to be transferred, you will receive an email with a transfer date and on that day your number will be transferred seamlessly. You can then choose to keep the assigned Lingo phone number for a second phone line for only $4.95/mo or cancel it!

While we're doing the transfer you can check the status online in your Lingo account management section. You'll know exactly what step the transfer is in and if we need any information from you (and of course we'll email you too). If at any time during the transfer process Lingo cannot transfer your number, we will contact you with your options. Many times our customers, after enjoying the benefits and savings with Lingo's VoIP phone service, choose to maintain the Lingo phone number we gave them and use that call forwarding trick on their old number.

A note to DSL subscribers looking to transfer their phone number:
DSL subscribers have a special situation because in most cases they must have a phone number with the phone company providing DSL Internet service. In this instance, we recommend having your DSL service placed on a separate phone number (with the cheapest calling plan) with your current carrier, switching to "naked DSL" if your carrier offers it, or you can switch to cable Internet.

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