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Lingo Broadband Phone Service - Powered by Primus

Lingo Long Distance Phone Provider

Company Overview

Like other industry leaders, Primus delivers high-quality calling solutions for more than 2.4 million consumers, including small & medium enterprises and multinational businesses. Unlike the rest, Primus takes advantage of global telecommunications deregulation and acts as a long distance phone provider with its VoIP service, Lingo. This also allows Primus to bring you facilities-based networks and facilities-based datacenters for a sophisticated line of services to manage your complete E-Business and data communication needs. Primus has ownership interests in over 23 transoceanic fiber-optic cable systems in Europe, North and South America, and the Asia-Pacific region. Primus leverages these assets to provide local, long distance and international calling service for residential and business phone systems.

Primus also holds Internet assets including:
Second-largest alternative communications company in Canada
Third-largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Australia
Fourth-largest full service carrier in Australia
Fifth-largest ISP in Canada
Fifth-largest independent ISP in Brazil
A leading competitive entrant in Europe

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