Making International Calls With Lingo Mobile is Easy!
How to use Lingo Mobile
You must subscribe to Lingo Mobile service prior to downloading the Lingo Mobile App.
From a Blackberry® or AndroidTM phone:
Open your Smartphone’s web browser and go to
For Blackberry:
For Android:
Download and install the FREE Lingo Mobile App.
You will be prompted to enter your registered phone number before you’re able to download the App.

To make an international call, simply dial the number you wish to call. E.g.
011 + country code + city + number
From all other cell phones:
Dial the access number from
your registered cell phone
When you hear the ‘Voice Portal’ message press ‘6’
Enter your destination number followed by #
(do not press send / dial again on your handset after dialing your destination number).

To make calling even easier, below are instructions on how to use 1-touch dialing (Speed Dial) from your cell phone with
Lingo Mobile.
Step 1 -
Step 2 -
Step 3 -
Step 4 -
Step 5 -
Step 6 -
Step 7 -
Create a new entry in your phone book.
Enter your Lingo access number - 1703-774-9797 or 1703-774-9800.
Enter a pause. Get instructions for a variety of makes of cell phones.
Enter ‘6’.
Enter another pause.
Enter your destination number starting with 011+ country code + city code + number.
1-733-774-9800  pause  6  pause  011442076691234
Still have questions or need help? Visit our online FAQs.
Get instructions for a variety of makes of cell phones.