What type of 911 service do I have?

About Lingo's 911 Service:

Lingo provides two types of 911 service - E911 or Emergency Calling Service - depending on the registered location on file with Lingo.

Lingo Enhanced 911 (E911) Service
Lingo Enhanced 911 service routes your 911 call and delivers location specific information (address and call-back number) to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) whenever someone makes an emergency 911 call provided that you have provided us with correct information. This allows emergency response units to be dispatched to the emergency address you provided in your Lingo account file even if the caller is unable to speak or if the call is suddenly disconnected.

Lingo Emergency Calling Service (ECS)
Lingo Emergency Calling Service is an alternative 911 dialing service offered in locations where E911 Service is not yet available. ECS Service will route your 911 call to the PSAP's general access line, which is different from the 911 Emergency Response Center. You will need to state the nature of your emergency promptly and clearly, including your location and telephone number, as PSAP personnel will not have this information at hand. PSAP personnel are responsible for taking the necessary steps to provide you with the appropriate assistance, such as dispatching police, an ambulance and/or a fire truck.